Gruffalo Mouse £5 @ Amazon

18 November 2010


As much as I wish that I was the person who’d thought of the Gruffalo, I have to admit that this is one catchy and entertaining book. Here you have the Gruffalo Mouse down from £7.99 to a mere £5 including free delivery from Amazon.

I actually feel quite sorry for the mouse. Think about it. He’s the hero of the book who cleverly outwits everyone so he doesn’t get eaten and yet he doesn’t feature at all when it comes to the merchandising of the book.

Sure, you get the mouse stickers and stuff but the Trunki’s and toys and all other such things are mainly of the Gruffalo himself. So how about giving the mouse some fame and fortune, or some cuddles, and bringing him home to snuggle inside a Christmas stocking or two.

He is a great price at only £5 and he’s about 6 inches tall. Now we just need Amazon to sell the Gruffalo at a discount and you’ve got the set to play with at home.

Thanks to iamthewalrus at HUKD!

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