Free : The Coke Christmas Truck Locations, Dates & Freebies

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You know Christmas is fast approaching when you hear that iconic music and see Santa on the Coke truck commercial.

The locations and dates have just been announced for the 2014 tour and you can check for one near you on the link below.

As in previous years it looks like you’ll also receive a few freebies, a picture with the truck and a mini can or cans of coke.

We've been to see this every year and I can't exactly put my finger why it has such appeal but we all love it, my 7 year old especially. I guess it's like most things around Christmas, it becomes a family tradition which is what Christmas is all about.

Holidays are coming folks! Are you ready?

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  • danniL92 to.see this wee girl.xx
  • fletcher4
    Hi is the truck not visiting Carlisle city centre this year?
  • yrudi
    Hi will the truck come to wick town
  • Childr3n
    we have always watched for the dates to be set for the start of the Christmas season no matter how olo they get this is the start of the festivities for our family
  • taekwondo
    Reminds us all of Christmas love it
  • V1ckyP
    Typically nowhere to be seen in Northern Ireland!!! :(
  • EleM
    I've found the date - can anyone tell me what time it will be??
  • Ambulance9999
    Is the truck coming to Colchester
  • lizgalvin
    My 7 year old wee girl would love to see this in paisley....she has had a bad year with me being would make a little girl so so happy!!!!

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