60% Plus £5 Off Alcoholic Stocking Fillers @ BHS

60% Plus £5 Off Alcoholic Stocking Fillers @ BHS

BHS Stocking Fillers

There's really only one way to say 60% off alcoholic stocking fillers at BHS, and that's to say, well, what I just said.

I never know the proper ettiquette with these little stocking filler gifts. Do you drink them while opening the rest of your presents or have them as an after dinner meal settler, or is that the proper sundowner for the end of Christmas day?

Either way, these little alcoholic stocking fillers are currently listed at £12.00 each, but £7.20 is taken off each item at checkout, meaning they'll only cost you £4.80 each, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

However, if you spend more than £25.00 on the list price, you can enter the code WK8GIFT and receive a further £5.00 discount.

So, if you were to buy a Blossom hill® white zinfandel, Bacardi® spirit stocking filler, Smirnoff® spirit stocking filler, and Three barrels® spirit stocking filler, your checkout price would be £48.00, minus 60%, or £28.80. All four bottles then cost you £19.20, until you add the £5 off code. Now four lovely stocking fillers cost you a mere £14.20.

Now that's a deal worth raising a toast to all on it's own.

Thanks to Kelz29 at HUKD


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  • dave
    didn't see these on hukd, ordered 8 cheers
    • Heed20
      I also missed these on HUKD. Got 5 for £19 delivered. Big thanks.
      • Luschka O.
        Dave and Heed20, Happy to be of service ;)