Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 0-1 Winter Car Seat From Argos “Could Have Killed My Baby” & Needs To Be Recalled Says Playpennies Reader

Mamas and Papas Mercury From Argos, Recall?

We're not the hysterical type here at Playpennies, we realise children can, and sometimes do, have accidents and we don't buy into this recent "blame culture" that is all over the net right now.

We do however take children's safety extremely seriously and from the response we had after the recent Mamas & Papas Car Seat Recall By Argos we know many of you feel the same way.

Which is why we were extremely concerned when we were contacted by Katie Furlong from Braintree in Essex over the weekend. She purchased a Mamas and Papas Mercury Group 0-1 Winter Car Seat from Argos in October 2015.

This seat wasn't included in the recent recall and indeed is still for sale on Argos for £129.99 here*. But Katie thinks there's no doubt they should be recalled after what she recently found.

Image Credit Katie Furlong/Playpennies

Katie's son Joshua was recently sick in his seat, so they took it apart to wash it. Katie wasn't prepared for what she was going to find when they started to clean it though.

As you can see from the pictures she explains, "The metal buckle at the back had nearly completely cut through one if the straps! In normal use this buckle is totally hidden under the seat, it was only because we took it to pieces that we saw it. Another month or so it would have been cut through and who knows what would have happened when it failed, it could have killed my baby!"

Image Credit Katie Furlong/Playpennies

She went on to say "I've taken this back to the shop and they've refunded it, these need recalling urgently!"

Katie reported the incident directly to Mamas and Papas and received back what she has called a "fairly standard reply." She has contacted them again and we'll keep you updated on any response.

We've contacted Argos themselves today to see if they wished to comment on Katie's concerns, but to date have received no reply. Update, Argos have released this statement today :

We'd urge anyone with this car seat to check it thoroughly, so that you know your child is safe when travelling in the car. As Katie herself says "The thoughts of what so nearly happened have really shaken me, with a little more use the strap would have been completely cut through and braking the car would have thrown my baby head first out of his seat."

Mother of three, Katie told Playpennies she has "had lots of different car seats over the years and I have never had any wear on any of the straps until now."

If any of you do have any problems with this seat, please get in touch and let us know, we'd be very keen to hear if this is a one off or indeed if Katie is correct and this is a wider problem and these seats should be included in the recent recall.

If your child's car seat has been recalled and you're looking for advice on buying a new one. have a read at our guide to choosing the best car seat here.

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  • Corin M.

    this is the one we have

    • Corin M.

      hopefully it gets recalled

  • Zoe M.

    I have this same car seat :flushed:

  • Carla S.

    The same thing happened to me with this same seat!!!

  • Liane F.

    I have this :confused:

  • Laura J.

    This car seat is horrible. Bought it quite a while ago and used it a couple of times for my daughter as a spare and have always said to my friend it just doesn't seem right.. the straps don't seem to go on her shoulders properly and it looks odd no matter what you do with it..think I'll take it apart and see if it's all OK underneath, hopfully they do recall it :sweat:

  • Louise W.

    this is our one. I'll check it at work x

  • Karen N.

    I think mamas and paps products are a disgrace as a whole. Every single thing I bought for my youngest child (who is nearly 4) had a problem. I know that argos recalled and replaced their buggies a few years ago. Now people, like me, bought from them because they were a trusted brand. And let's be honest, they aren't cheap. But it's absolutely tat. Would never ever recommended anything from them

  • Gemma T.

    Worries me seeing this as this is the car seat I have :fearful:

  • Jodie

    can not believe they are still selling these car seats I have just purchased one today. Will be taking it back tomorrow! 

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