Thomas The Tank Engine Complete Book Collection £30.80 @ Snazal

thomasTheTankEngineCompleteBookCollection WHO?!  I've never heard of Snazal before but they're currently selling the complete collection of Thomas the Tank Engine books for £30.80.

Now, the rrp price on Amazon is £125 - I have NO clue how on earth that can even be right, but the cheapest selling price on there (from a trader) is £44.79.

I loved listening to my mum read Thomas the Tank Engine stories when I was little and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the same stories, along with all the new ones, to both my sons.

As my youngest heads ever closer to being five years old, I find myself being hit by the occasional wave of sadness (and it is only very occasionally, usually when I'm writing Thomas posts) that his Thomas loving days are nearly over and he'll soon be a huge teenager about to head off to the Army like his older brother.

Anyway, whilst I get a grip of myself, let me tell you about this Thomas the Tank Engine Complete Book Collection.

All fifty Thomas the Tank Engine books have been put together into one collection and include all the the non-engine friends too, such as Alfie the little digger and Jack the Frontloader (I've lost count how many times I've read those two stories in fact, I think I could probably recite them off by heart!) and they all come beautifully presented in a sturdy cardboard case.

This would make a lovely present for someone who hasn't yet forged a friendship with Thomas the Tank Engine, it'll also save their parents from having to buy them separately along with a fair bit of cash too.

There is postage to pay on this Thomas the Tank Engine Complete Book Collection, but it's only £2.79.

Thanks to fingermouse at HUKD

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