Michael Morpurgo Collection £16.99 @ The Book People

Michael Morpurgo Collection £16.99 @ The Book People

michaelMorpurgoCollectionThe Book People are selling this wonderful Michael Morpurgo Collection of 16 books for £16.99, rather than the list price of £84.99.

Michael Morpurgo is regarded as one of today's best children's writers; he's won umpteen awards for his stories and some have been turned into theatrical plays.

He writes about all sorts of things from retired greyhounds, adventurous cats or soldiers and horses in the trenches, if you read a Michael Morpurgo story you're guaranteed a magical and wonderful read.

Michael Morpurgo is the sort of author I would have loved as a child; we first came across him when my daughter brought home Why The Whales Came from school in her book bag, it told a story about the magical Narwahl whale and it's mysterious horn and was utterly enchanting.

For reading alone the Michael Morpurgo Collection is billed as being suitable for children aged nine or older, but younger children will enjoy having any of the included Michael Morpurgo stories read to them at bedtime (or any other time of the day for that matter!).

Happy reading.


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