Love Monster £3.50 @ Asda

Love Monster £3.50 @ Asda

STOP THAT! Love Monster is a BOOK for kids! Honestly, if you want that 'sort of thing' you really aren't going to find it in Asda any time soon!

You will, however, find that Asda have the lowest price for Love Monster at the moment - they're selling it for £3.50, Amazon are next at £4.59 and Waterstones are going for the full monty at £6.99.

I haven't read this book, but just reading the blurb makes me want to!  It tells the story of a little monster who looks a bit different, and funny, compared to all the other monsters  - he lives in Cutesville and is anything but 'cute'! - and he's having a tough time finding someone to love him.

Rather than sitting back and feeling sorry for himself, however, he takes matters into his own hands and sets off in search of love!

Reviews for this book are fabulous,  from parents whose kids who just love montsers, to those who are having a tough time fitting in and feeling a bit left out in the playground.

"My 20 month old adores this book and asks for it every bedtime, and at naps. She calls the monster 'Bobo' and really gets into the bit about feeling sorry for him, stroking him etc. It's very simple, and the illustrations are expressive enough that even younger children such as mine would get something from it. Very cute!"

"It's a fun bedtime story, in a world where almost every creature is cute, and Monster has no-one to love him. Like all good bedtime stories, Love Monster comes with a happy ending, but as all good heroes do, Monster has to make a journey first.  Beautiful illustrations, bright colours, a crazy sense of humour and quirky use of words makes this a winner in our household. Watch out the the 'Fluffy 2 the Max' badge on one of the pages!"

If you really can't get to an Asda to collect your copy of Love Monster for free, then you'll need to add an additional £2.95  to the £3.50 for home delivery.

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