Christmas Cookie Stamp Set Review

19 December 2013

Parragon have a new-ish box set out in the UK: a Christmas Cookie Stamp Set, currently available from Asda for £5.

The Christmas Cookie Stamp Set is a boxset that contains a recipe book with 27 Christmas themed recipes, a stamp set and stamper for personalising biscuits or cookies, ideal for last minute gifts, or thank you notes.

The recipes in the book are really quite unique and unusual. While the names themselves are fabulously festive - Snowflake Gingerbread, Holly Leaf Cookies, Christmas Bell, and so on - the recipes themselves provide a really nice mix of flavours.

While there are some regulars you'd expect in a book on cookies - gingerbread, sugar cookies and apple and spice cookies - there are also some awesome recipes that I think are brilliant. There are flavours such as Eggnog, Apple and Spice, Cinnamon Orange Crisps, or Treacle and Spice Drizzle, just to name a few.

The really nice thing is that while this is a Christmas set, the letters can be used for any time of the year, with messages arranged to say things like 'I love you' for valentines day, 'Happy Birthday' for well... birthdays and so on.

The recipes don't have to be Christmas only either. I'm sure Cinnamon Stars will be good all year round.

Pretty much all of the recipes use butter, which can be substituted with dairy free butter, and many of them use no other dairy, so it's pretty good for anyone suffering from dairy intolerance.

An unusual and pretty nice touch is the packaging. The book, stamps and stamper are nicely wrapped in a tight fitting plastic box, which fits inside a cardboard box. The back of that has Christmas gift tags you can cut out and use for your cookie-gifts. It's gimmicky, but fun!

All in all, for £5, it's a fabulous gift, great for an advent activity, and useful throughout the rest of the year too!

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