13 Easy Things To Make With Nutella

13 Easy Things To Make With Nutella


I hear you, yes you, the one saying why bother with all this cake nonsense when you can just stick the spoon into the Nutella and eat it straight out of the pot. Well, you do have a point, but just take a look at these 13 recipes that I’ve found and tell me that they aren’t worth trying out just once?


1. Nutella, Bacon and Peanut Butter Sandwich.

You think I am a crazy person, but chocolate and bacon go together like bread and butter. And with peanut butter thrown into the mix, well, this is just the best snacky, tasty, crazy thing in the world.

2. Nutella Banana Bread


Eat this. Be happy. Banana, bread and Nutella. Life is too short to be on diet, people. Also, this is a seriously tasty recipe that is devoured when hot and always served with ice-cream.

3. Nutella Layer Cake


You could eat this picture, couldn’t you? I know that nothing I make ever looks like that when it’s been iced, but who cares, you’re going to eat it! This cake recipe comes with pictures and is dead easy to make.

4. Nutella Cake


Nigella’s Nutella Cake isn’t as gorgeous to look at as the last one, but it is extremely easy to bake. Idiot-proof, I assure you. You can add Frangelica to the mix for that extra moisture and flavour too. Only for adults, that version.

5. Roasted Hazelnut and Nutella Roulade


Yum, right? Right? And look how skinny the chef is! No fair! I could gobble this up for days and it is very moist and tasty. Also, strangely easy to make as I’ve never made any other successful roulade before this one.

6. Molten Nutella Lava Cakes For Two

Who says you need two people to eat this. Just make one and hide in the cupboard until all that tasty goodness is yours. Not a massively complex recipe, this is best served hot and ice cream smothered.

7. Nutella Pound Cake


Right can you see this? The thick, gooey swirls of Nutella that are totally making you want to stick your head into the screen and go, “Nom, nom nom”? Yeah, easy recipe, genius idea and everyone will totally think you are the chef of the century, especially your kids.

8. Nutella Birthday Cake


While meandering your way down the post about how to make this delectable chocolate treat, you will also be treated (sorry) to a bunch of other Nutella recipes that this brilliant chef has made before. I highly recommend trying out anything she does as her natural talent in the kitchen is quite something. This is a slightly more complex recipe than some of the others, but worth every second in the kitchen. Put on some music and get baking.

9.  Nutella Chocolate Cake


So what is the difference between Nutella Chocolate Cakeand all the others that have been written about so far? This one looks more like mine do after I’ve smashed the icing on top. And it is also of a level called Easy Peasy and it only takes you under an hour to make. Could you think of anything better?

10. Nutella Buttercream Frosting


Say you already have your favourite cake recipe and you don’t want to mess with that, but you do want tasty Nutella goodness? Well, here you go, this is the step-by-step guide to Nutella Buttercream Frostingthat tastes as good as it looks.

11. Chocolate Nutella Cheesecake


Wicked Good Kitchen. Never has a site been more aptly named. This recipe uses all sorts of evil ingredients to create the ultimate in Nutella and Cheesecake. Think of two heavenly bodies colliding and then eating them. Yes? This is it.

12. Nutella Cake Recipe


Yeah, it starts to get quite hard to give them different names. This cake wins in my house because the Nutella is all exploded out the top and it tastes like crunchy heaven and the cake is the perfect counterpoint. Go on, make it.

13. Cinnamon Nutella Cake

nuytella13Crumbly and soft, this isn’t as intense as the other recipes on here, but it does go beautifully with a cup of tea or coffee. This is a moist cakeso don’t overcook it! It is also the best possible way to end our travels through nutty Nutella land and leave you wondering which one you are going to make first.

So, tell me, which one ARE you going to try?


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