The TePe TongueDetox Review

29 April 2013

Right. So as human beings become increasingly focused on oral hygiene and on the various things that can affect it, weirder and weirder devices are appearing on the market to help us out. I got the TePe TongueDetox device in to review because a) I am a sucker for cool oral hygiene stuff and b) this is just too weird.

Just look at the instructions:

Rinse the TongueDetox thoroughly under cold water. Extend the tongue. Place the TongueDetox at the back on the tongue with the thumb grips facing down. Gently press down and pull forward along the surface all the way to the tip. Rinse the TongueDetox under warm water and repeat as necessary.

So, cold water to start, warm water to end, and some pretty serious instructions considering this is a glorified tongue scraper. To review this I started out with an 11am tongue. I had drunk coffee, eaten breakfast, had more coffee, an orange, lots of water and one lovely truffle. My tongue was bound to be a cesspool of germs and bacteria – the cause of bad breath and the formation of plaque on the teeth.

I went to the bathroom and followed the instructions on the card. Right, so before you worry that I am about to go into horrific detail about weird stuff dripping off my tongue scraper I can reassure you. Nothing happened. My tongue just feels, well, rather scraped. I don’t think I feel any different at all.

So what is my verdict? It says it has a mint aroma, I didn’t notice it at all. The two handles make it very easy to use. One scrape does it all and you don’t activate the gag reflex. There is no way to prove that it has improved my breath or sense of taste so I cannot tell you if this genuinely works.

I like it. I like the fact that it makes my tongue feel all tingly, but I probably won’t use it as religiously as I do other oral hygiene products. I like the range of colours and that it takes away germs. I also like the fact that it is made from environmentally friendly materials and costs only £3.35. It gets 7.10, losing points for the fact that the mint is barely detectable and there is no way to prove it works.

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