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15 July 2010


Family life can sometimes be a little complicated and stressful. I know that, for a long time, I used to look at mums with two or more kids, swanning about looking all calm, and think that I was just awful because I was struggling so much with one. Well, it turns out that we all struggle at some point or another and it’s nice to know that there is free support when we need it.

The thing is, when you’re feeling spectacularly crap you need to speak to someone pretty much immediately. If you want help through other sources, you end up waiting for months and weeks before you get to speak to trained human being.

Well this site offers highly trained parents (yes! Parents!) who help people with big and small issues and help them to get through difficult patches. Everything is completely free and the site includes a lot of information  that may help you straight off the bat, without having to talk to anyone!

Take a browse around, read comments from other parents, read articles on how people have dealt with tough situations, and feel better. Yes, because you deserve to be happy. We all do!

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