Crocs Women's Shoes Review

20 August 2011


I have to take my hat off to Crocs. As a brand, they have absolutely reinvented themselves, and come a very long way from the ‘Clogs’. I never cared how comfy they were, I wouldn’t wear them.  When I saw the range of shoes Crocs offers now, I was absolutely shocked.  While they still offer the Clogs, and my daughter has two pairs that she loves as they’re easy to get on and off, and tend to go on the right way round too, I got myself a pair of flat shoes.

I was looking for a shoe that could pass as smart, but didn’t have to be formal. I’m a flip flop kind of girl – and Crocs have some stunning flip flops now -  but the fact is sometimes you need something with a little more pizzaz to lift your appearance.

I don’t particularly like pumps, but did like the idea of a flat shoe, so I thought I’d try the Carlie Flats. At first glance I was sceptical. I just didn’t like the look of a plastic shoe. I slipped them on, however, and felt a little like Cinderella with the glass slipper. It felt as though that particular pair of shoes was tailor made and measured to fit my feet.  I can honestly say I’ve never had that reaction to a pair of shoes before.

The translucent colour is another feature I love. I don’t know why, but it just looks nice, and once on your feet, it doesn’t look as plastic as it does  at first – and it certainly doesn’t feel plastic. The soles have circulation nubs for a massage-like feel, and there are ventilation pockets in the shoes too, so you don’t have the sweaty feet you expect.

There are so many other styles I’d love to try, including the winter boots, and I’ll say again, I take my hat off to Crocs for their amazing reinvention.


  • Emma K.
    Yes, I applaud their re-invention too! I recently bought these for the summer and they're excellent -,en_GB,pd.html?cid=060&cgid=women-footwear-flipflopsSandals And I have these on order for the winter:,en_GB,pd.html?cid=060&cgid=women-footwear
  • Luschka
    I agree - I adore their winter boots! Hope to get some for myself!

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