Baby Born Doctor Interactive Medical Laptop £10 @ Amazon/Smyths

Baby Born Laptop

The Baby Born Doctor Interactive Medical Laptop is only £10 at Smyths and Amazon have price matched them. This toy is to accompany the Baby Born Doll, so if you know someone who has one or is getting one this Christmas, then this is ideal. You would normally expect to pay around £24-£30 for this. It's currently £24.99 at Argos.

The Baby Born Doctor Interactive Medical Laptop comes with some medical accessories like a thermometer and plasters, so your child can play Doctor. The Laptop itself features an x-ray scanner and x-ray charts.

The reviews aren't brilliant for this BUT if it's on your little one's Christmas list, then the chances are you will buy it anyway. You might as well get it for just a tenner rather than shelling out the best of thirty quid.

You can get FREE delivery when buying from Amazon if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20 or more. Otherwise you may be better of getting it from Smyths where you can Click and Collect for FREE. If you do need home delivery it's £2.99.

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