Sticker Zone Review

25 October 2011

Before my son was born I spent nearly £40 on a large box of room decorations - jungle themed removable stickers. We were painting the room at the time so I put them in the cupboard.

Which is precisely where I found them during a clear out two months ago. My son is now six, and the jungle theme a tad babyish for him!

Now there's a lot more of these types of products out there, and one that particularly caught our eye here at PlayPennies was Sticker Zone. The reason for that is the price. Here you get what looks like a fairly sizeable pack of re-peelable wall stickers for £11.49 - less if you get one of the packs that are in their sale.

Surely that must mean they're pretty poor quality though? There was only one way to find out, so we got PlayPennies mum Tracey to test them for us. Here's what she had to say.

First Impressions

The website for this company is fairly basic. However, this does make it easy to use. Tracey thought it was well laid out and she was also actually quite impressed with the way they have organised the categories, putting items in the Girls section that girls would actually want, not just because they were pink. "I love that they have Cars and things like that under the Girls section as well as in the Boys section. What a nice change from the usual gender stereotyping."

To be honest we had rather low expectations. In part these were met. The company is based in Glasgow, and the products are sourced from Korea. Tracey found that her stickers, when they arrived, had no instructions in English. Only Korean. Not that she really needed help in using the stickers, and I believe that normally products will arrive with English instructions.

The package was in fact a neat little tube that contained four different types of stickers. Tracey was rather impressed with the minimalist packaging and the way the stickers had transported.

The first ones that Tracey looked at were the Space Rocket And Planet wall stickers (£11.49). "The images are okay. I mean, I certainly don't look at them and think WOW these are awesome. There is a sort of blandness to the design that doesn't appeal to me at all. But I am not the target market. The 8 year old girl who was visiting me fell on top of them with a mad joy. She loved them."

Tracey's 8 year old tester found that the simplicity of the design was enormously appealing. The stickers seemed to let her give vent to her imagination as well. She gave the stickers a rating of 9 out of 10, deducting a point as there was no spaceman.

From the adult's point of view, Tracey gave the stickers a 6 out of 10.

Do they stick?

Tracey sent her little friend off home with the Space stickers, to see how well they worked in a child's room. We'll look at the stickers as a whole since they're all pretty much the same just different designs.

The variety of designs on offer is pretty good on the site and they have lots of special offers going from time to time so you can nab some ace bargains as you shop. The Cars stickers (first movie so sadly for my son no Finn McMissile) are reduced to £5.74.

The most important aspect of wall stickers is, well, do they stick? If they don't then it really doesn't matter how cheap or expensive they are, or how good the designs might be.

Tracy says "So far so good! The stickers haven't fallen off or peeled at the edges yet and this is now two weeks down the line. My little tester hasn't needed to move them around yet though."

To test out how the stickers did when they were moved around a bit, Tracey took a few of them from different packets and stuck them, peeled them off, stuck them. "I did this for a LONG time, really pushing the limits of the glue. They are still stuck. The thinness of the stickers may be a disadvantage in terms of needing very delicate handling, but when it comes to staying where you put them, they are a dream."

Quality of the stickers

Tracey had the Gruffalo wall stickers a few years back. In terms of build quality, the Gruffalo stickers (which cost £34) appeared superior. "They were very sturdy - thick almost - and could be pulled off and restuck several times. They came with a special flange that you use to squeeze the bubbles out and that did take a lot of practice to get right. That said, the Gruffalo stickers all peeled off within two weeks with edges hanging off etc."

By comparison, the Sticker Zone stickers were exceptionally thin. This thin texture worried Tracey, and the fact that it made them difficult to handle did not make her feel any better. She found that the stickers fold in on themselves very easily, and once this happens no amount of picking at the edges with her fingernail would fix things.

Once the sticker "squidges up, that's it, you will have to live with it. This is really down to how THIN they are." says Tracey.

However, there seems to be a purpose to the thinness, and that's in keeping the stickers on the wall. As Tracey already pointed out, after two weeks the stickers have already outlasted the three-times more expensive Gruffalo stickers.

"On a price comparison, you can see how the Sticker Zone ones can be a better option. As long as you are careful with your nails and peeling you will have cute stickers that last for ages." says Tracey. "I give these a tasty 7/10 overall."

Good points: plenty of designs available, good pricing, good stickability and you can move them around often.

Bad points:  the non-English instructions, very thin, and easily damaged while hanging.

And finally ...

Delivery in the UK is £1.99, so keep this in mind when you're ordering. In the Space set of stickers you get around 55 stickers, the largest of which is 47cm wide.

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