Proven Probiotics Review

1 October 2012

Over the past two months I’ve been taking Proven Probiotics as a test to see if they would make any difference to my health and general sense of well being. This is in conjunction with, of course, a healthy (ish) diet and plenty of exercise.

Now I have always been a fan of probiotics as they have made a huge impact on my stomach and calmed it down considerably when I am stressed. Which is all the time really. Ha! Anyway, probiotics are good for the long term relief of IBS symptoms, traveller’s tummy, and intestinal health. Especially the unique strains known as Lab4. Yes, I also think it sounds a bit Resident Evil, but it’s cool…

The Proven Probiotics range come in a range for babies, toddlers and older children as well as for adults and they are on sale in Lloyds Pharmacies in prices ranging from under £5 to £19.95 – depending on what you get and for whom. They are cheaper than those little bottles of yoghurt you can buy in stores and far better for the environment…

Now probiotics for kids made me a bit nervous, especially babies. I always get a bit hinky when I think of messing with a child’s system unnecessarily. Fortunately for me, I have a six year old and I’m ok with giving her a probiotic supplement that can boost her immune system, reduce allergies and all those other tasty benefits. While she has not really been able to tell me whether or not she has felt any different using the tablets, I think she has found her system a little more, ahem, well oiled.

For me, the biggest difference has come in the allergy relief or control. I get hayfever around August time and constantly feel as if I have a low grade cold. I took the Proven Probiotics the entire month and genuinely felt like they made a difference to how I felt. Not a huge amount, but enough to keep me taking them regularly.

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