The Moosicology Review

Have you ever wanted to send your child to music lessons but you’ve neither had the time nor the ability? Well enter Moosicology, a system that teaches your children how to read and understand music in a simple and clever format. I used the system for two months on my daughter and here is how we got on…

The Moosicology set comes with two CDs, a children’s book, a guide for parents, and plenty of additional materials. The complete package costs you £67 and will teach your children notation and note value, introduce them to music reading, teach them rhythms and time signatures and plenty more.

At first I was not convinced. The lessons moved quickly from one section to the next and I felt that there wasn’t enough of an introduction to explain what was going on, or why these terms and characters were so important. However, I think that this was primarily a parental concern as my daughter utterly loved it. She made me replay some tracks, she jumped ahead to others, she paused and read bits whenever she felt like it, and she talked to me knowledgeably about the notes and lessons afterwards.

Now children are phenomenal at absorbing information until the age of 7, then learning becomes something they have to actively engage with. Until then, they soak the world up like a sponge. I think that there Moosicology thrives. It offered my daughter a very entertaining and interesting introduction to the world of music and she has subsequently taken up with instruments of her own volition. This can only be seen as a good thing.

I cannot tell you that Moosicology is the ultimate music teaching resource, and I do think it is quite pricey, however, the materials are very well developed to a high standard, and my daughter has responded beautifully to the system. I would say that yes, you should consider adding this one to your Christmas gifts list.

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