How Much Is In Your Child's Forgotten Trust Fund Account?

How Much Is In Your Child's Trust Fund Acc?

Was your child born between 2002 and 2010? Remember when the Government gave at least £250 to our children to open a Child Trust Fund account? Yeah, I had completely forgotten too - I couldn't even tell you where I opened them. As for how much is in them now, that's anyone's guess.

How it worked was that when your child was born between 2002 and 2010, most parents were given £250 to open the CTF account, and then another £250 on their seventh birthday. Those in low income families saw theirs doubled, meaning some will have as much as £1000 in their Child Trust Fund Account. The scheme was scrapped in 2010, so children who were born after that missed out, and those who hadn't hit their seventh birthday before then didn't get the extra £250.

There was the option to add your own money into it too, so if like me, you have forgotten all about this, then your child could have a nice amount of money sitting in their accounts.

Can't remember opening one at all? Doesn't matter, if you didn't open one for your child on time, then the Government did it.

Want to check if your child has one? Firstly, your child will have needed to be born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011 and you were eligible for Child Benefit.

Then, head over here*, where you can enter both your's and your child's details in order to request the Government to find your Child Trust Fund Accounts. It will take up to 30 days for them to get back to you.

Child Trust Funds can now be changed to a Junior ISA, you can read more about that here*. Please note that your child cannot access any funds in their Child Trust Fund Account or Junior ISA until they are 18.

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  • Lauren M.

    worth a check xx

  • Eleanor H.

    Is there any benefit to switching from CTF to Junior ISA? I can't see any obvious difference? Same tax free amount etc..?

    • Angela S.

      I've just changed mine. The interest rate was higher on a junior isa than the CTF.

    • Zoe B.

      The longer there in the CTF the less riskier shares the children's mutual put them into.

  • Elaine T.

    Just filled in the online form. My address is different from when my son was born, will this matter?

  • Gayle E.

    I put my sons in a junior isa, as his was linking with shares so on the safe side he had the full payment into his isa and there was no charge. I only took 10 minutes in the bank and the money was in the account within two weeks.

  • Lynsey W.

    worth checking out

  • Lisa F.

    I was actually thinking about that today. I'm sure it's still registered at my mums old address though :confounded: x

  • Amy A.

    might be worth checking :)

  • Gemma R.

    I put my details in. Said can take 30 days.

  • Gemma R.

    Be interesting to see how much is in there.

  • Kirstie-Louise G.

    Just filled the form in lol :) x

  • Nicola J.

    My daughter didn't get a 2nd installment. She was born 2007

  • Danielle A.

    People obviously haven't been paying into them, which was the whole point! :joy:

  • Emma L.

    Oooh lovr it :) xxx

  • Jayne H.

    My older 2 had the instalment at 7 they are now 13 & 11 but my nearly 8 year old didn't. Xxx

  • Lorna W.

    My two didn't get the second instalment and they are 14 and 11

  • Sarah T.

    My daughter is 9 and has a child trust fund account, would I be best to transfer it to a junior account ? If so can anyone recommend a good one ?

    • Allison C.

      Halifax have really good accounts with very good interest.

    • Angela S.

      They can't withdraw until 18 so it has to be a junior isa. Nationwide have good rates

    • Allison C.

      You have open account in branch.

  • Jodie L.

    thanks xx

  • Phoenix S.

    Thanks xx

  • Joshua S.

    What is it?

  • Alison P.

    Thanks!!! I've filled in the form, I think I still pay into it but no idea :astonished: Had totally forgotten about it!!x

  • Johanna M.

    if you read it, it explains what it is xx

  • Sammy J.

    My son didn't get the 7 yr payment .They stopped it just before he would have got it. He was born 2004, my daughter born in April 2010 just got one, but my youngest daughter born in 2011 didn't get one at all

  • Claire W.

    Thanks! I've just done it as I've changed name and address since then so no idea how to sort it! I've got paperwork somewhere?!?xx

  • Charlotte L.

    I didn't even know I had one :joy:

  • Tara W.

    how do i check xx

  • Gemma W.

    Follow the link i think and fill in form takes 30 days then reading the comments most people seem to have moved them into a junior isa account xx

  • Allison C.

    My son missed out on that born January 2002.

  • Laura G.

    Will have to look into this

  • Laura F.

    Thanks just filled it in for them x

  • Lauren V.


  • Fiona F.

    How do u do this?

  • Zoe B.

    Most of these trust funds were put into the children's mutual by the bank you would have signed up with and put the cheques in with.

  • Tara G.

    I never forgot lol she's got over £1500 in there now

  • Alexa K.

    My daughter got one March 2010 and it stopped not long after that

  • Katie P.

    I get statments telling me how much hes got but i want to change it to an iser so its not in shares x

  • Amy K.

    My middle 2 children got this but my oldest didn't she was born may 2002 but all 4 of my children have a savings account so we don't pay a penny in the trust fund the savings accounts were opened after they was born

  • Sandy B.

    My son got one in October 2010 it went all the way up to the end of 2010 x

  • Katy C.

    We got one June 2010 I must admit I thought it ended at the end of 2010

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