Parents Freebie: Free Box Of 20 SlimArt Teabags

30 June 2010

SlimArt_sm Are you, like me, a tad depressed about how your waistline is expanding in spite of all the summer exercise? My problem is likely those yummy Magnum icecreams, but anyway. Well, this freebie is a weight loss tea that apparently helps to burn fat.

According to the site this herbal tea helps you to lose unwanted fat. They suggest that this tea is one of the most beneficial on the market as it has been specifically formulated to drip antioxidants which help protect cells from irregular metabolism issues.

The tea includes Puer Tea with rosehip and waterlily leaf, as well as cinnamon, clove, liquorice and lemon grass to mweightlossake a lush and yummy concoction. Personally I am a little put off by the liquorice. I like it as a sweet, not as a drink,  so I am not sure I’ll like this taste much.

Although, if this really does burn fat and make me look all skinny then I’m happy to drink it by the bucket load. Bring it on I say! So, if you fancy a free trial of some weight loss wonder tea then join me and let’s compare notes after a week or so.

We’ll have to stop eating ice-creams though...

Thanks to yellowlegs at HUKD!


  • Lynley O.
    Yeah I want the tea bags that cancel out the ice cream! Surely SOMEONE can invent those ...
  • Lj
    Is asking me for Page number offer is on Help
  • Jane
    i just received a whole box today too, lucky me..have to say not bad. I phoned them to ask how likely it would be a few days ago to get 1 and apparently if you don;t get a whole box you get a tea bag and a 50% off coupon....wouldn't mind getting that code???

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