Spreadable Twix Is About To Change Your Toast Forever

We Need Spreadable Twix!

Mars has just started selling something I never knew I needed - Twix Spread!

It's a chocolate spread with caramel and biscuit pieces, and Mars say it works best on hot toast or crumpets, but I'll have to be held back from just dipping my spoon in the jar!

You can already buy Twix Spread at Asda* for £2 a jar, and other supermarkets are expected to start stocking it too.

Mars already make Maltesers and Bounty spread, so I'm wondering which of their tasty sweet treats will be next to be squished into a glass jar? And will these ever give the mighty Nutella a run for it's money?

We will just have to wait and see... Will you be trying Twix on toast?

Image Mars/Metro

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