New Pandora Disney Collection Has Arrived @ Argento

New Pandora Disney Collection Has Arrived @ Argento

Oh my days, pass me my purse I think I need pretty much everything from the new Disney collection at Pandora!

Is it too late for me to write a new Christmas list?! This gorgeous new collection is brand new to Argento, check it out today!

Here are a few of the new items added to the Disney Pandora collection:

There's plenty more to choose from and it is all super cute!

You can get FREE home delivery when you spend £20 or more.


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  • Libby W.

    I think jack ordered me one for xmas

    • Tanya S.

      I've got that Minnie one! I believe I've got another for Christmas too :heart_eyes:

      • Claire K.

        I love the stitch one! Xx

        • Hannah G.

          They are so cute! Shame im bot a fan of pandora lol xx

          • Dawn S.

            Love the minnie mouse one! xXx

            • Michelle A.

              Its pretty cute! I want a pandora bracelet but im guessing my wrists are too skinny ha ha! Xxxx

              • Ashleigh W.

                They're all so pretty. I've got the belle one and a frozen one xx

                • Kerry M.

                  Last min gift idea for Clare :blush:

                  • Jenni K.

                    Mrs Potts and Chip :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                    • Hollie B.

                      I know I want them all :heart_eyes:

                      • Charlie D.

                        Wonder if they do a bouncy tigger one!!!! Xx

                        • Rebekah W.

                          These are all on my Christmas list :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                          • Joanne B.

                            I need them to add to my big collection xxx :kissing_heart:

                            • Claire R.

                              I've got Mrs Potts and chip and thumper so far! On a mission to get them all :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                              • Lisa R.

                                I actually dont like most of the Disney collection lol :joy: one or two are ok but thats it

                                • Gemma C.

                                  Father Christmas & the birthday fairy need to take note! :heart_eyes::wink: xd

                                  • Hannah A.

                                    Ooooo they are lovely xxxxx

                                    • Emma C.

                                      Worthing had all these the other day! 'Twas so tempting! :relaxed:

                                      • Kirstie D.

                                        They have thumper :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                        • Chris S.

                                          Let me just sell the chateaux in the south of France, and they’ll be here by special delivery ASAP.....