Make You Own Flavoured Gin: 6 Infusions Set £4.82 @ Amazon

Gin Infusions Set £4.82 @ Amazon

Fancy making your own flavoured gin at home? If you want to try out a new flavour without forking out for a whole bottle why not get a set like this 6 Gin Infusions Set from Amazon, and have a tasting session at home? This is £11 at full price, but it's listed at £5.67, and when you sign in to your account and add it to your basket you get another 15% off, making it just £4.82!

This particular set comes with 6 individually wrapped infusions, and each one comes in the form of a 'tea bag' so that you need no special equipment to make your flavoured gin cocktail.

This looks like a fab pressie for a gin drinker, and it's available from Amazon seller Fresh Sky, with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

Delivery is free for Amazon Prime customers and on orders over £20, otherwise charges from £3.49 will apply.

(UF LISA HOL) Make You Own Flavoured Gin: 6 Infusions Set £4.82 @ Amazon

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  • Paula M.

    I'm ready! Already had one!

  • Susan W.

    Ooh yum. I’m still waiting on my bramble gin. X

  • Lewis R.

    Looks interesting :) Kim x

  • Lisa S.

    Was guna order ya them but new u had an amazon account :joy::joy:

  • Kelly S.

    I’m on the proscecco

  • Lindy A.

    Oooooooh we need this in our lives !

  • Sally C.

    Wow this looks interesting. :yum::yum::yum:

  • Kayley M.

    Ave not long see that too lol x

  • Amy W.

    Definitely worth a try:yum:

  • Jo R.

    Need to have a taster night xxxxxx

  • Alanna M.

    Ooh! Never seen these before! Xxx

  • Laura M.

    How much effort do you think this would take?!:joy:

  • Lisa R.

    Thought u might like them :relaxed: have u tried the rhubarb & ginger gin xxx

  • Lisa R.

    Awe is there pink gin just as nice as Gordon’s?omg did u like it

  • Alanna M.

    I've not tried the Gordon's pink gin but theirs is lovely. Take it you didn't like it! :joy: I'm such a good friend I'll happily take the miniature off your hands! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart: xxx

  • Lisa R.

    No I didn’t like the rhubarb & ginger 1 lol I bought it on the plane going on holiday lol I shall come & see u in the morning then haha might even be a better friend & give u some of my Gordon’s pink gin to try :joy: xxx

  • Sophie G.

    I need this in my life!! Xx

  • Rosalyn D.

    Oh we need to try this :heart_eyes:

  • Dawn M.

    Imagine what we'd come up with:grimacing: xx

  • Beth B.

    Whoopsie I may have ordered one haha :slight_smile:

  • Christie B.

    I’ve got things like this saved on my amazon wish list :see_no_evil: Never get round to buying them

  • Samantha K.

    They like tea bags but gin bags instead...why does that sound very wrong when reading it back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Samantha B.

    The link won’t work for me to order it :sleepy: xx

  • Nena K.

    They flavour plain normal gin x

  • Paula J.

    They got something like this in Asda’s

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