Guylian Luxury Milk Chocolate Eggs Review

If for some strange, bizarre reason you don't like chocolate, then this review isn't for you. If the universe has turned its back on you and for some reason you are denied the joys of chocolate for health reasons (it gives my other half migraines - oh the horror!) then for goodness sake, look away now.

This review is a veritable choc fest of delicious chocolatey chocolate goodness, with added chocolate and more chocolate sprinkled on top.

We had the extreme good fortune to get to review two Easter Eggs from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Guylian. Yes, two of them. I'm still salivating. Want to know what they were like, whether they're worth getting, and whether they're value for your cash? Then read on!

Guylian Seashells Egg

The Guylian Seashells Egg 245g (£6 at Sainsburys) is my idea of an Easter Egg. This is proper chocolate that needs to be served at room temperature so you get the right melt in your mouth consistency. I scoffed, er I mean I delicately ate, this Easter egg some time ago but my tastebuds remember it like it was yesterday.

You get one good sized egg in the box, and a box of 11 of Guylian's signature chocolate seashells filled with hazelnut praline. I'm not so fond of these as I am other Guylian chocolate I have to say. This is just a personal thing though, I am just not a fan of dark chocolate.

But they're not all dark chocolate, with a mix of milk and white, some more than others. Maybe I left the ones I liked least to the end, but goodness me I still ate them all.

On a balance, compared with a Quality Street Easter Egg (277g £5), the chocolate is just far superior. A Cadbury egg lasts a few minutes. This one lasted a few days. You just have to eat a little at a time, and you are satisfied.

Pros: gorgeous chocolate, a smooth praline filling that's not bitter, a good amount of chocolate for the price

Cons: I'm not a huge fan of darker chocolate, still pricey at £6 but why not spoil yourself for once?

Overall verdict: 9/10

Guylian Luxury Egg

Now if you are going to spoil yourself go the whole hog and get the Guylian Luxury Egg (378g £10 at Sainsburys). It is only four quid more than the Seashells egg, and for that you get an egg plus a box of 24 to-die-for chocolate. There are Original Praliné Sea Horses, delicious Opus pralines and delicate La Perlina truffles. Every single one of them just melts perfectly in your mouth.

It took me a whole week to get through the box. It helps that I didn't have to share as my son won't eat soft centres and my other half can't eat chocolate at all. So it was mine, all mine mwah ha ha ha. Sorry forgot myself there for a moment.

The ingredients for these chocolates are reassuringly free of anything you wouldn't expect in your chocolate. To see what I mean, read the back of cheaper eggs. There's nothing waxy about the chocolate either. It is generally about as perfect a Belgian delight as you can get. I wish I could say something bad about them. Even the price, which is quite high at £10 is a Good Thing, otherwise I'd be eating these on a weekly basis and getting very fat indeed.

Pros: very good chocolate, a nice selection, lots of chocolate in the box for the price

Cons: I honestly can't fault this product, although I am addicted to chocolate so may be biased.

Overall verdict: 10/10


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