Fancy Smelling Like Play-Doh, Dirt or Pizza? Check Out The Library Of Fragrance Perfumes

Check Out This Play-Doh Perfume

Love the smell of Play-Doh? Why not buy the perfume so you can always smell of it? No, I haven't been downing the Bailey's for breakfast. You can actually get cologne that smells exactly like it. It must be popular too as it's completely sold out at You can get it on Amazon sold by the manufacturer for £15 plus £2.78 postage and packaging.

Library of Fragrance don't just make the Play-Doh Scent but a host of other quirky scents. If you think about it, smells can really evoke memories and emotions so it's actually a really clever idea, rather than just another novelty item.

So, what other ones can you get? Pizza* for just £12.16 delivered at Amazon, Snow* for £7.50 plus delivery of £2.78, Dirt* just £17.78 delivered, Stable* for just £12.16 delivered, Paperback* £17.78, Gin and Tonic* only £17.78 delivered, Mistletoe* only £10.28 delivered, Fireplace* only £10.28 delivered and Christmas in New York* only £10.28 delivered.

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