Boozy Baileys FreakShake Cake £12 @ Asda

Boozy Baileys FreakShake Cake £12 @ Asda

Baileys fans, stop what you're doing and head for your local Asda right away! They are selling a Baileys FreakShake Cake complete with boozy frosting!

FreakShakes are everywhere right now, especially on Instagram. They are a giant milkshake, normally served in a large mason jar packed full of treats such as chocolate bars, ice cream and lots of sauce.

This Baileys FreakShake Cake is a chocolate sponge cake in the shape of a milkshake complete with Baileys flavoured filling and frosting. There's plenty of sweet treats decorating it too.

This is a boozy cake and so it's suitable for adults only. It serves 18 people and is just £12 in store and online at Asda.



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  • Sue B.

    I bet it's not in our stores yet x :cry:

    • Elizabeth W.

      ......birthday cake! :yum::laughing:

      • Leah A.

        this would make you sleep :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:x

        • Lisa A.

          yummy we need a trip to asda :yum: x x

          • Stacey M.

            Omg that looks amazing :grin: x x

            • Liz S.

              Definitely think this needs to be added to the list of things to try........ along with the Pink Gin! Xx

              • Sarah N.

                ooh yum and m&s are bringing out a jaffa cake liquor x

                • Rhiannon M.

                  No! :open_mouth: I’m on it :grimacing: x

                  • Kerry C.

                    Ooooohhhhh now this is worth trying xx

                    • Michelle M.

                      Mmmm could be nice :blush: xx

                      • LeeLee A.

                        Oh I might need to look for that!

                        • Rach W.

                          Ooooo thanks!! I’ll keep an eye out for it!!xxx

                          • Rachel F.

                            OMG looks so nice :two_hearts::grin:

                            • Debbie R.

                              Omg asda here I come :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                              • Amanda R.

                                Oooohhh that looks delicious :yum: xx

                                • Pam P.

                                  Omg it’s 18 portion. That’s 9 portions each. Death by chocolate cake. I’m up for that :joy::joy::joy:xx

                                  • Jackie J.

                                    Let me know when you get one? :grin::grin::grin: xx

                                    • Kayleigh O.

                                      Looks the shiz don't it :joy: xx

                                      • Beleeze B.

                                        I know lol looks amazing xx

                                        • Graeme C.

                                          You best get down to Asda then :joy: