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Zomlings are taking over my life.

If they haven't invaded your child's playground yet, let me assure you that they soon will.

There are more than 100 of these cheeky, miniature monsters to collect, and once you've amassed a few of them, the objective is to build your own Zomlings Town. There are seven different Zomlings neighbourhoods and there are even 'rare' silver and gold Zomlings to discover and collect.

I have absolutely no idea why these appeal to kids so much but my lads, who are at primary school, go bonkers for them. They remind me a bit of Garbage Pail Kids stickers which were all the rage when I was little, but with Zomlings you get a tiny little rubbery figure as well as a house for him to live in. Each one is colour-coded so there's a whole craze around collecting all the Zomlings of a certain colour, and an awful lot of swapping seems to go between my kids and their friends.

They cost £1 in our local toy shop so they're a decent pocket-money priced toy, and I find I can get my kids to behave themselves and do all sorts of things to help around the house in return for the promise that they'll get to spend their money on a new Zomling!

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