Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Review

27 November 2010


The Zhu Zhu Pets or Go Go Hamsters were the hugest thing ever last Christmas and I wanted one. This year I got my wish! A gorgeous yellow little Zhu Zhu Hamster dude called Nugget.  I’ll admit to finding all the warnings about “keep away from hair” a little alarming.

He (or she) runs on two AA batteries and retails for £9 or £10 on Woolworths.co.uk.  Actually, while I was on there I also uncovered a Zhu Zhu ballroom, castle and carriage. Oh my.

I think the thing that got me was the fact that the pets come with a built-in code that allows the pet to react to different locations you’ve bought. So they can react to the carriage or the Fun House, or any of the other locations you fancy buying, in a way that suits the environment specifically. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

The Zhu Zhu Hamster we got made THE cutest little noises when you pressed his nose. My daughter had to wrestle him away from me because I was having so much fun. Then she discovered the zoom mode (as I so eloquently call it) where he races about the house in a totally random fashion.

Actually, the one big plus in their favour is that they reverse. It means less time spent trying to pull them out from under the sofa. They do, however, suck up carpet hair at a rapid rate so you need to clean the wheels quite often.

I honestly can’t give a very impartial review here. Nugget is still on the same batteries after a week of constant use, he isn’t broken in spite of being dropped on the road, he’s cute, he’s soft, and he entertains us. For £9 I am sold.

P.S. I want a ninja hamster.

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