Winnie The Pooh Splash Mates Review

14 November 2011

I don’t really ‘get’ this, if I’m honest. It’s a bath time teddy bear. Which is great for the kids, but I’m worried about the stuffing going all rotten. It hasn’t but the concept perplexes me.

Never the less, the Winnie the Pooh Splash Mates, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet set has proven to be a great bath time companion. This particular set seems to be quite hard to find at the moment, but none the less, it features Winnie the Pooh wearing a red lifejacket,  and Piglet all decked out for a swim in his life raft.

Winnie the Pooh is made out of some sort of quick drying, water safe material – a little bit like an umbrella in texture – and without ripping him open to check, I think he’s stuffed with Styrofoam or something similar. Although he lives in the bath, he’s seemed to handle being wet most days like a trooper.

The real talking point for this set, for me, is Piglet and his raft. The raft is a sprinkler – you scoop water in and it comes out the bottom like an upturned watering can with a sprinkler nozzle. That’s fine, but what’s super, duper, ultra – cool is that despite the holes in the bottom it actually floats. Its survives bubbles and waves and knocks and floats, and I was seriously impressed with not having to fish it and Piglet – who, by the way, is a squirting toy himself – out of the bottom of the bath every five minutes.

It’s bath time fun, and it’s different and unusual, I guess, and my toddler enjoys her bath time Pooh bear. (This is also available, and more commonly found it seems, as a Tigger and Roo combo, or a Darby and Buster combo.)


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