Winnie the Pooh Flutterfly Activity Centre £10.99 @ Argos

Winnie the Pooh Flutterfly Activity Centre £10.99 @ Argos

Winnie the PoohCalling all mums with tiny tots here’s a bargain for you to enjoy this wintery Christmas season! An adorable Winnie the Pooh activity centre that will keep your baby entertained for yours.

When you’re really busy and simply HAVE to get the dishes done, the vacuuming finished and the house tidied then this could well be a lifesaver for those of you with babies over the age of six months. It can be so difficult just to get the basics of home life sorted when an adorable little life demands so much of your time.

Now you can enjoy guilt-free space to yourself, or cleaning the house (I know which I prefer), while your baby spends hours enjoying Winnie the Pooh. The toy has seven fun activities for them to choose from including flapping wings, spinning balls, sounds and movements.

Marked down from £21.99 this much fun for a tenner is fabulous value! winnie-the-pooh

Baby can flap Tigger and the sun, roll the beads or stare happily at themselves in the mirror. I had a very similar toy for my daughter when she was this age and remember the joy of being able to sink back into the sofa with a cup of tea that hadn’t already gone cold. Bliss.

Thank you andywedge from HUKD!



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