Why We Were Happier To See LEGO Rather Than Gold In Our Stockings

The Real Value Of LEGO!

Did you get LEGO for Christmas yesterday? Chances are you didn't but the kids did. It doesn't come cheap and I only buy it when it's on offer. You do frequently see it in deals but the discount is minimal. Why is that? Sure, it's popular and has been since before I was even born, but surely that cannot be the reason. It's not but here's what we think is:

According to The Telegraph Newspaper:

"It may appear as no more than a popular children's toy, but investors were able to secure a better return buying Lego sets over the past 15 years than from the stock market, gold or bank accounts, a Telegraph analysis found."

It is suggested that since 2000, LEGO is bringing a 12% annual gain, whereas Gold is seeing only 9.6% . So, instead of buying gold ingots or investing in shares in Tesco, you might well be better off grabbing that LEGO Minecraft Set* instead.

I was once told that Chanel Handbags are another commodity that increase in value as the years go by. Something tells me that won't wash with the hubby though. I think he would much rather hold onto the LEGO.

There you have it, LEGO has increased in value more so than gold in the last 15 years so make sure the kids don't lose any bits. A tip is to keep the box!

It certainly makes standing on it more bearable knowing that one day it could make you £££'s.

If you visit car boot sales frequently it's worth keeping an eye out for any Landmark Sets like the Taj Mahal or Large Complete Sets from decades ago. They can fetch hundreds, some even thousands.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon had a retail price of £342.49 in 2007 and is worth up to £2712 today. Absolutely incredible!

Let us know if you have recently sold any LEGO at a profit. You can do this by leaving your comment below.

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