Where To Buy Kinetic Flow Rings In The UK

Where To Buy Kinetic Flow Rings In The UK

Looking for Kinetic Flow Rings for your kids? They're set to be a huge craze for the summer, and here's where to buy Kinetic Rings in the UK. These toys are about to take off in a big way and our kids are going to be begging for them! Here's where to get Kinetic Flow Rings:

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Kinetic Flow Rings are metallic rings that will flow along your arm like a metallic bubble, powered by kinetic energy! They are mesmerising to watch, and when you're done they can be pushed down flat again. It's a brilliant new magic toy, and as well as kids loving them they're designed to be a stress relief activity too.

The main retailers just have the silver coloured ones right now, but eBay and Amazon have coloured ones too, though there may be a longer wait for those as they are mainly from overseas.

They look like great fun, so I'm off to order one for my kids right now!


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  • Janine R.

    My son has one. They are seriously addictive for kids and parents. Can’t wait for school to start so that I can play with it.