Trunki Tipu The Tiger £27.90 @ Amazon

trunki These enormously popular suitcases have been down to these low prices at Amazon before, although sadly the prices have always shot back up pretty quickly. Well here is Tipu on special so nab him quickly!

I adore these suitcases and the idea is pure genius. If you haven't seen one of these before then let me tell you how they work. Basically they can take a fair amount of stuff inside and have all sorts of compartments and extr pa bits so kids can have enormous fun packing their own suitcase.

Once everything is inside you can then drag it along behind you, they can drag it behind them and you can drag them while they sit on it when they get tired. It carries up to 50kgs on its back, it has shoulder and handle straps for easy portability and, the best part, it is hand luggage approved.trunki2

You will likely get most of their items and toys into this case and the fact that it will go onto the plane with you means that you can whip out emergency entertainment items at the drop of a hat. Brilliant and funky, these are a must for the travelling family.

Thanks to magicbeans at HUKD!


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  • GateGipsy
    Thanks! Am desperate to get one of these as we do fly a lot to go back to visit my parents. Heathrow is the biggest nightmare as it is so huge. There's nothing worse than trying to get a tired, jetlagged child along those corridors. Am hoping that this Trunki will help. Even if it is a pain to pull, it'll be far less a pain than pulling along a child who just wants to sit down when you're that little bit too tired to cope with carrying them (and who can carry a five year old that sort of distance?).
  • Emma K.
    Yeah, I've seen these with quite a few kids at airports. They seem very popular.

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