Transformers Movie Legends £6.49 (RRP £12.99) @ Argos

Transformers Movie Legends £6.49 (RRP £12.99) @ Argos

transformersI don't know about Go Go Hamsters, the only must-have toys in our house this Christmas are Transformers. My boys are completely obsessed with them and I nearly couldn't get this post written because they clapped eyes on these babies and demanded a closer look.

Get your 4-pack of Transformer Movie Legends 1/2 price from Argos now!

At half the usual price this is definitely a  great deal but what I really like about this particular offer is the fact that you get 4 Transformers for less than you can normally lay your hands on a single one. That's enough to wage some serious warfare, or whatever it is Transformers are supposed to do.

We have too many of these little guys as it is, but I am sorely tempted. Whereas when my kids were younger I never used to leave the house without a packet of baby wipes, these days I don't set foot outside without a spare Transformer guy about my person. They really do solve all problems and are the perfect distraction when someone's threatening a meltdown.

Argos' website says these are suitable for children aged 5 and over but my 3 year old is a pro at transforming these characters. They're rated a '2' in terms of conversion level and if that means nothing to you, well, never mind. They're basically pretty easy to convert from a robot to a vehicle and back again and I can practically guarantee you that any little action fella in your family would be only too pltransformerseased to find one of these in his stocking on Christmas Day. And because there's 4 in a pack, you can always put the others away for a birthday present or an emergency gift to avert a tantrum. Works wonders.

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