Tiny Love Interactive Gym And Mat Review

27 January 2011

Tiny Love Play Gym And Mat 1 The Tiny Love Interactive Gym And Mat is one of the most popular baby gyms sold by Mothercare. I got one of these for my son, who is now five and a half years old, so it's been popular for a while!

Looking back now I wonder why I chose one that was so much more expensive than other baby gyms. I bought it with the Mothercare vouchers

we were given after our baby was born, so perhaps I wasn't thinking so much of the cost as I was of the features.

We easily got our money's worth from this. He loved being placed on the mat as a newborn, and he loved reaching for the hanging animals as he got a bit older. He also loved crawling about on it once he got mobile. We took it everywhere with us, and it was a lovely toy for me to play with him on as well.

The mat came with a sturdy plastic carry case. The struts that the animals hang from are easy to install, and the gym can be set up and ready to go in

seconds. The musical section is easy to remove as well, so you can quickly wash the mat whenever needed. The mat has been through three babies now, and the colours still look vibrant and fresh!

Tiny Love Play Gym And Mat 2

There are different textures that make different sorts of noises all over the mat. My son quickly learnt how to press the pressure points to make the music play. He preferred the Mozart sounds. The mirror in the corner was also a huge hit!

He probably never spent more than ten minutes at a time in the mat, although that was fairly standard for any of his toys. I liked it as I could lie on the floor next to him too, to play. Which is always restful when you've been running around all morning!

Once he started toddling around, the gym got packed away. However, one day when he was about 15 months old, we were trying to build a fort in the lounge when I had a brainwave. I got the baby gym out and we put a blanket over the top. It became an instant tent, and stayed that way as a little hidey hole in his bedroom for another six months!

Features on the Tiny Love Interactive Gym and Mat include lights, and a music touch pad that plays classical Mozart and nursery rhymes. It comes with 5 detachable toys with different fun features, and a large sun mirror. The gym and mat is made up of a removable arch, and a peek-a-boo activity mat with crinkle and squeaker areas. It's suitable from birth. The mat requires 3 x AA batteries (trial batteries included).

The Tiny Love Interactive Gym and Mat is on sale at Mothercare as I write this. Normally priced at £49.99 it has been reduced to £40.01.

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  • Tamsin O.
    That is one beautiful baby!
  • Lynley O.
    why thank you!
  • Luschka O.
    We had the Tiny Love Noah's Ark one - or whatever it's real name was. I loved that the toys could come off to be pram toys, but I hated that the musical thing only had two melodies. It got tedious after a while. Still think it was a pretty great mat though - especially since I got it for nothing off freecycle, and after a really hot wash, it was good as new!

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