Your Surprise Personalised Story Book Review

2 July 2011

Personalised Book

Last month we offered readers a 15% discount on items from Your Surprise, and I ordered a personalised book for my daughter. I’ve always wondered what they’re like and how they read, and since she is really into animals at the moment, we ordered her the Farm Animals Personalised Book.

There’s a great selection of personalised children's stories on the site, including a baby’s birth story, football and princess stories.

Getting the order done couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve chosen your book, you answer a set of questions such as ‘what is the leading figure’s first name, age, sex, and where do they live'. You can add additional information, like three of your child’s friends, family or favourite people, and then also a personal message.

The personalised book arrived less than a week later, nicely packaged and in a bag you really could use as gift wrapping, if you didn’t want to buy extra.

It is a hardback book, with a glossy cover and is what I consider good quality. It definitely can withstand a bit of playroom rough housing, but of course, the idea is that it is a special gift. On the inside page was the personalised message to my daughter, with the date.

The story itself is quite cute – all about a visit to and subsequent overnight stay on a farm. Her ‘friends’ are included in the text, such as ‘I only wish Dee, Abbi and Lindi could see me now’, or ‘Can’t wait to tell Dee, Abbi and Lindi all about my visit to the farm when I get back to London.’  So, it’s quite cute and my little girl was intrigued by her name coming up in the story.

The only thing that would make it better would be having an image of her included somehow, but still, not only is the book good quality, but the images are too. Actually, the artwork really impressed me.

So, all round, I think it's reasonably priced and am very happy with the quality, and I suspect it’s the kind of book my little one will enjoy more and more as she gets older and really understands the personalised story.

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