Star Wars: R2D2 Pocket Etch-A-Sketch £3.79 @ Play

r21 HURRAH!  With this Star Wars R2D2 pocket etch-a-sketch I've scored a hatrick of Star Wars deals today!

R2D2 is one of my favourite Star Wars characters...oh, OK! I like ALL of them!

Star Wars played such a big part of my childhood; waiting for hours in queues that snaked down the streets from the cinema to go and see the next installment, that we'd waited YEARS for! Ahhh those were the days eh!

I still have no idea how a droid with no facial expressions and communicates with beeps can have have SUCH character, great comedy value and be hugely endearing...or is it just me that thinks this about R2?

Regardless, this Star Wars R2D2 pcoket etch-a-sketch is bound to be a big hit with your young Padawan, especially as it can be taken with you when you go out for entertainment whilst on the move!

r22Just open up R2 to reveal the mini etch-a-sketch screen, draw away to your heart's content using the two knobs and shake to erase your artistic creation when you're done!

A lovely little Star Wars item reduced from £12.99 down to £3.79.

May the Force be with you!

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