Star Wars Erupting Mustafar Volcano Kit £4.94 @ Amazon

12 July 2010

volcano2 Star Wars and science, that's as good a combination as Star Wars and Lego in my book!

I have been particularly fond of volcanoes ever since the one on the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier went beserk and saw my trip to South Africa extended for the best part of three weeks!

There's something very primordial about volcanoes and I remember my gramps telling me about the time he went up Mount Etna - I was utterly fascinated.

He had a knack of making learning fun which is something this Star Wars Erupting Mustafar Volcano kit does too! Young Star Wars fans will LOVE it but you don't have to be a lover of the George Lucas franchise to be able to enjoy this learning toy.

Your young scientist will learn all about volcanoes from the inside out with the help of the colour learning guide; they'll build the very detailed model and will be able to recreate eruptions, using kitchen ingredients (stocks of bicarbonate of soda could be needed here methinks!) , and watch the lava flow down the volcanic slopes!

volcanoPerfect - learning, Star Wars and GUNGE! There are two detailed models of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker too for wannabe Jedi Knights to play with too.

Amazon have reduced this down from £20 to just £4.94 and if you're in a rush to have it, there's no delivery to pay with the SuperSaver option.

Thanks to kippycat over at HUKD

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