Slime Factory £5.99 Delivered @ Aldi

Slime Factory £5.99 Delivered @ Aldi

Be very quick! This Slime Factory is only £5.99 delivered from Aldi. I give it an hour and this will be sold out. It's available to pre-order today and you'll receive it around 7th December, when it's in stock in Aldi store.

The Slime Factory contains Protective goggles, Plastic container, Protective gloves, Red food colouring, Green food colouring, Calcium chloride, Flask for sodium alginate solution, Sodium alginate, Small measuring cups with lids, Large measuring cup, Cornflour, Wooden spatulas and Pasteur pipettes.

With this set, the kids can make their own slime and sticky stuff. They will love it and for £5.99 you can't go wrong!

Delivery is FREE!


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  • Cheryl L.

    stocking filler for the girls

    • Paula R.

      Not a chance Cheza :laughing::laughing:xx

    • Bethany C.

      have to see if aldi has ane :joy::see_no_evil:

      • Sarah M.

        If I never see 'slime' again it will be too soon :joy::joy:

        • Susan H.

          I won't let my two have it lol x

          • Rachael B.

            Brilliant I got some of the one I wanted but I’ll get that too xx

            • Nicola C.

              Thanks huni. I will check it out xxx

              • Tiffany I.

                Just bought this yesterday lol

                • Nicola S.

                  I should buy this lol :joy:

                  • Katie A.

                    Brilliant, thank you. I've ordered! Xx

                    • Linsey R.

                      No no no. Slime is a big no no lol x

                      • Linsey R.

                        No chance. It ends up everywhere x

                        • Naomi T.

                          i would ban it from my house to lol x

                          • Anna C.

                            Yea I got her a slime making kit already though for xmas, thank you x

                            • Laura T.

                              This is brilliant! Faith will love it

                              • Paula O.

                                aint enough stuff in that little box for my kaci it will only last her 2 min

                                • Sarah A.

                                  He would love it! Can’t be doing with that tho