Sea Turtle Boat £8.44 @ The Hut

Sea Turtle Boat £8.44 @ The Hut

seaTurtleHA!  I'm totally in love with this sea turtle boat!

Until recently I've always lived on the coast and during the summer, weekends and school holidays were always spent on the beach.  I've got many fond memories of waiting impatiently for my mum to blow up all of the various inflatable things we'd dutifully carried along with our buckets and spades, the feeling of warm sand between your toes and that wonderful smell of salty water filling the air.

Back in the day we just had a normal rubber dinghy and, without wanting to sound ungrateful, this sea turtle boat would have been MUCH cooler - just look at him, he's a groovy looking dude!

He's got two air chambers and when he's fully inflate he measures a whopping 203cm x 150cm.  The oar locks are 'welded' on but the oars aren't included so if you're intending to row anywhere you'll have to buy some.

The blurb says he's suitable for ages six and over but let's get real here, I wouldn't let a six year old loose on the high seas in, or on, anything inflatable on their own and if I'm right there then my four-year-old is going to be perfectly safe in this too.

The published price on The Hut website is £9.33; use this code - POOL15 - to drop that down to £8.44.

Happy 'sailing'!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!


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  • lynleyoram
    ha ha looks like great fun for a pool! But .... as a kid I'd have got annoyed with the head being in the way!