ROBLOX Legends of ROBLOX 6 Pack Figures £17.99 Delivered @ Zavvi

ROBLOX Legends of ROBLOX 6 Pack Figures £17.99 Delivered @ Zavvi

If you are a parent of school age children then I bet you're sick of hearing about ROBLOX. There isn't a lot of Roblox stuff out there, and the toys available or rarely on special offer. We have found this The Legends of ROBLOX 6 Pack Figures for just £17.99 delivered.

What's in the ROBLOX Legends of ROBLOX 6 Pack Figures? Six Mix and Match Figures: Litozinnamon - with Bluster Buster, Gusmanak - with Dominus Aureus. Merely, TheGamer101, Seranok and Loleris.

Each pack comes comes with a code you can redeem on Roblox online, to get a FREE Virtual Item.

Anyone that plays Roblox would LOVE this set.

Delivery is FREE of charge!


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  • Amy S.

    I would not promote this game, there are some very serious safegaurging concerns regarding this game.

    • Charlotte B.

      It’s not as bad as you may think, I think the creators have changed things. We wouldn’t let our 8 year old on it for the same reasons you’re talking about and after him pestering and pestering, I looked into it all a bit more and any under 13 year old account has the chat automatically disabled by Roblox and are not allowed into any games that have been deemed inappropriate. Then you can change the settings so that no one can request friendship and vice versa, no one can invite them into any games plus you set a pin so that even if the child attempted to change the settings, they wouldn’t be able to unless they know the pin. Any changes get emailed to the parents email account. We obviously still monitor what he goes on etc, but there are definitely a lot more security measures put into place x

      • Nicola A.

        Exactly Charlotte. It's all about the parents actually keeping an eye on their kids and ensuring they have taken all saftey measures x

        • Charlotte B.

          It’s actually a really fun game, I added my niece and my younger son on each other’s accounts and then changed all the settings back (obviously) and they love that they can all play in the same game as each other x

        • Laura C.

          :joy: I’m a roblox pro now

          • Charlotte M.

            You should be after your 40 minute tutorial! :joy: xx

          • Krystina L.

            I think he has this one already lol x

            • Kee K.

              She already has a few of them. There all obsessed :joy::joy:

              • Sammy P.

                These bloody things I can’t get away from Pokemon and roblox but I’ll have a quick look at this tho :wink::thumbsup_tone2::joy:

                • Pamela M.

                  I thought of him right away when I seen it! :grin: x