Remember The Rubiks Cube?

9 July 2011


You may think it is a tad odd for me to be reviewing the Rubiks Cube but I swear it is absolutely essential. This device, a huge hit in the 80s, has kind of carried on lurking on the edges ever since. While it hasn’t managed to grasp the fame and fortune it had in its early years, the cube has undergone some adjustments and changes.

To start with the Rubiks Cube is now a bit smaller than it used to be and is much easier for little hands to use. When I got one of these sent to me as a present for my Hubz on Father’s Day I was positive it would be a dud present. I mean, it’s just a child’s toy, right?

Wrong. I handed him the cube on Father’s Day and then pootled around sorting out his coffee and breakfast in bed. Dad and daughter had been giggling and squealing and talking up until the moment the cube was handed across. As I was cooking I noticed something odd. Silence.

I peeked around the corner. Both of them were sitting and playing with the Rubiks Cube. They were utterly absorbed in it. She was pointing out where he was going wrong and he was ignoring her and doing his own thing. Now she is only four so when she sighed, took the cube from his hands, and proceeded to fix and finish it for him, there was a stunned silence.

I looked at my husband. He looked at me. We stared at her in amazement. This was definitely an excellent toy. It is superb for helping kids develop problem solving, mathematical development and thinking in three dimensions.

Needless to say, our daughter’s Rubiks Cube genius pushed my husband’s competitive buttons and that toy is in constant demand. Best money spent ever and only £13 at Woolworths.

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  • Sara H.
    Or only £4.15 on Amazon!
  • Russ
    Or £4.15 delivered at Amazon ;)

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