P’kolino And The Twirling Trompo Toy Review

Trompo The P’kolino Twirling Trompo toy is a seaside themed spinning top toy for babies and toddlers.  By seaside-themed, they mean an octopus with a squeaker hidden inside its ‘body’ and a spinning top as its base.

You can give the Twirling Trompo a twirl and his legs spin out in a way that is spellbinding for little ones.  The wooden top can be separated from the material part, which is probably preferable for very young babies. But from around six month, babies can attempt to spin the top, which is meant to be good for developing fine motor skills.

The fabric is machine washable, which is useful when you’re dealing with a teether that likes to gnaw on everything.

I do like this toy, and my daughter enjoyed and still does enjoy playing with it, but I did find it more of a parent toy in the sense that it was a bit hard for her to get the octopus to spin round – indeed, unless I kind of bend the tentacles up a bit, they interfered with the spin completely. But as a toy, she doesn’t seem to mind that and I can’t complain about its quality at all.

While we only have the Twirling Trompo, I am really keen on many of the other products in the range, which include other toys such as this beautiful wooden teether toy, art supplies, and stunningly functional children’s furniture.

P’kolino are a US brand and while not everything is available in the UK yet, you can find a few items, including the Twirling Trompo at both Nubie and Peanutandpip.

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