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14 June 2010

peppaDoodle Ooooh a Peppa Pig deal to kick off a new week with!

"Are we there yet..?" words that strike fear into the heart of anyone travelling with young kids on a journey longer than two minutes.

Keeping little ones amused on longer journeys can be tricky and having fed up kids in the back of a car whilst you're driving is distracting not to mention dangerous.

We used to play 'yellow car' when the teenagers were small - for every yellow car anyone spotted they got a point, two for a Mini (yellow car double-whammy) and THREE for a yellow Reliant point for each wheel.

You know you've been well and truly 'assimilated' by parenthood when you play yellow car and the kids aren't even with you *sigh*

But if 'yellow car' doesn't appeal, you could always nip over to Amazon and pick up one of these Peppa Pig mini doodles and see if she can solve your fractious travel dilemma.

Peppa PigJust hand her over to your toddler and they can scribble away on the little pad, wipe away then scribble some more. Of course, these don't just have to be reserved for car, bus, train or plane journeys  as I'm sure it would prove to be just as effective for trolley travel round the supermarkets too.

You all know about free delivery when you choose the SuperSaver option by now, right...?

Happy doodling and Happy Monday!

Thanks to LoveHearts over at HUKD

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