Parents Outraged At Toys R Us Over Baby Doll With Realistic Penis

3 August 2014


Have you read this article yet? Parents are “outraged” over the anatomically correct version of this boy doll made by “You & Me Change My Diaper Doll” for Toys "R" Us

Disturbing or a whole lot of fuss about nothing?

Some parents felt it was perfectly natural asking “What makes seeing a penis or a vulva dirty or sexual?'” while others were horrified stating “They’re for CHILDREN. Can't they at least have SOME semblance of innocence?”

What’s your thoughts on this one? Would you be happy for your tot to receive this doll?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • amacd
    This isn't something new! There were boy and girl twin dolls out many years ago who anatomicaly correct nothing was said then!
  • Sharonj
    If you don't want your kids seeing it then DON'T buy it!! My kids have seen their little brothers bits when I change his nappy or is that not allowed now! Some people need to get a life it's a BABY!!
  • mammac39
    This actually made me laugh. How ridiculous!! Next they will be saying that you cannot allow your daughter to see when you bathe or change your newborn son. This doll makes the difference between boys and girls more natural in my opinion and I would have no issue letting my daughter have such a doll.
  • stuartgirl
    Its a doll is not real so get over u self and stop moaning at about it it wont do ur kid no harm so grown up
  • Nett
    I have 3 girls. How elts are they going to lurn that boys and girls are diffrent. The first time my older 2 saw my friend change her baby boy they just said whats that. Dolls like this have been around for years. Isent it beter girls and boys find out we are diffrent by a doll than seeing it for real.
  • abigailgreen119
    I dont see a problem my daughter used to have a bath with her younger brother im sure she would have just seen a doll like this as no differant to seeing me change his nappy as shed get her doll out when I di.
  • Cdmc75
    Oh no, god forbid should children ever find out about 'real life' through a DOLL!!! Next they will remove breasts from barbies. Get a grip, we've had dolls that pee for ages and it's not the first time a doll has had dun dun derrrrr 'GENITALIA'. No wonder so many young parents in the world today, parents are too afraid of educating them!! (Before you rant, I was a young parent, but then I was brought a Cabbage Patch Doll and a tiny tears who urinated through a pin hole)
  • Helenkay1988
    I personally don't find anything wrong with this doll ! I have a 3year old girl and a 6 month old boy when my little girl was introduce to our new baby she was joyfull for nappy changes she was horrified when it came to his nappy change and he cryed every nappy change she use to get upset her self from the look of down there and thought I was hurting him. Just because she did not understand or know why he had different parts down there to her and thought that I had done something which I'd y he cryed. This doll will help children understand that they are different to little boys but there is nothing wrong with them and they are both normal it's not very nice for a little boy to be pointed at if a little girl has never seen or knows about boys genital area say sch toilets for instance I work in a nursery and quite a few little boys have become upset and imbarressed when other children in particular girls have points and said what's that! Can't be nice for them either so this would be a big learning curve for children. Plus I had a doll like this when I was younger I don't see any harm in this :)
  • Purpss
    We have one of these for my 3 year old. The naked body is perfectly natural and children need to know the differences. She said to me one day soon after receiving this doll as a gift " Mummy I know the difference between the boy and the girl dolly" and I said " Ok , what is it? " She says " The boy has a blue hat!" Its the adults that have issues with these not the children.
  • ilovetonycooke2013
    When I was 6 yrs old my mom an stepdad bought me a really baby boy doll it was the first boy dol they fetch out u got a birth certificate an it ad a bracelet certificate on its rist an a little bandage around its belly an coverin its belly button that look like its unbillicord an tgat was 33yrs ago an ting was alot different back then but I wudnt let my kids have 1 as today theres to much goin on for children as it is with abuse an sex an violence think it cus make kids think its ok to look and touch private parts on really a babies because of the way the word is to day so not it shud be brought back on shelfs
  • cass26
    I cant see the problem a lot of children have older or younger siblings that they most probably share baths with run around in the garden in the pool naked, or have noticed differences with there mum and dad, sounds like to me a lot of medalling PC people strike again! get a life!!
  • pjpaula
    This is something that's been around for many years now so why are parents all of a sudden outraged by it. They would be more gulable to having a doll with nothing down least they no wot the body actually looks like.I don't see anything bad in this, we had dolls like this in the 80,s an 90,s.
  • HP1987
    This is perfectly fine. Especially as little boys like to play with dolls. I'd much rather my son's play with anatomically correct boy dolls. It also make children aware of the differences between boys and girls. They will find this out at some stage.
  • masonm
    As a nursery nurse my outstanding memory is of a little girl who came from an all female household - 3 generations and a dog were all female! Every time she had a chance to witness the boys going to the loo or having their nappies changed she would ask about their 'dangly bits'! Something like this in the home corner would have been ideal for this situation. As a mother I wonder why my babies can't play with dolls that reflect their own anatomy. I would have no issues with girls playing with this doll either.
  • weejeanie30
    my daughter had tiny tim when she was 3 now at 33 her own daughter has him no harm in it x

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