Paper Jamz Deals @ Tesco Direct

Paper Jamz Deals @ Tesco Direct

Tesco have some rocking deals on Paper Jamz drums and guitars up for grabs until stocks last.

I think I'm going to have to buy a couple of these Paper Jamz instruments for my youngest for Christmas

  1. because he'll really have fun jamming with them and
  2. because I REALLY have to find out what they're like to play with myself - I'm so intrigued about instruments that are made from paper!
My mum's rather cool and has a full drum kit at home; all the kids really love getting a bit Corbus Potgieter with them (it's not likely that you know who Corbus Potgieter is; Google him, if you're a drum fan, you won't be sorry).
But full drum kits are expensive and kiddy drum kits take up a fair bit of room, Paper Jamz drum kits are small and flat but, by all accounts, are equally awesome to play on.
There are four Paper Jamz drum kits included in the Tesco Paper Jamz deals, all with 50% off - this brings their prices down to £6.14 instead of £24.97.
My husband plays both the acoustic and electric guitar and neither of those were cheap either!
If your child thinks they're a bit of a budding rockstar then a Paper Jamz guitar could be a very cost effective way of finding out if they have a bit of Gary Moore about them, or whether their desire to be a rock star is just a passing phase.
There are four Paper Jamz guitars up for grabs too and, all but one, are £6.14 instead of £24.97 as well.
Finally, the Paper Jamz amp has also had a little bit of money taken off , it's now £10.97 instead of £14.97.
Home delivery with Tesco costs £5, collection in-store is free.
Thanks to jacob6103 at HUKD 


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