The Owl Toy (with sounds) £2.49 @ Amazon

14 June 2010

If you've never seen The Owl on TV then you've been missing out, it's a real hoot (you knew it was coming and that I owl1 wouldn't be able to resist!)

So you haven't seen The Owl - he's a computer generated owl made up of separate component parts and he's got a tough life! He lives in a tree underneath a family of pigeons, you can work out why he's not a happy chap.

He just has this 'look' that says: suffering, torment and tortured soul and to make matters worse something terrible always befalls him or his best laid plans are thwarted; it's the tragedy of it that makes it funny.

Each episode of The Owl is only five minutes long and there's no dialogue either, making it perfect for any age. Even the youngest children will find it funny and us grown ups will appreciate the wryness of it all. Can you tell I'm a fan?!

owl2Amazon are currently giving away 5-inch 'The Owl' soft toys for just £2.49 (reduced from £6.99) and if you press their tummies they play the theme music.

Delivery is free and if you want to see what all the fuss is about, or take a break for five minutes, you could always scoot on over to youtube and watch couple of episodes.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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