Novi Stars Dolls Review

13 December 2013

There's a new craze in town - Novi Stars. Is this going to be the top of everyone's Christmas list? Hmmm...

I reckon I'm a pretty ordinary person and I like my dolls to be... dolls. But these Novi Stars  have grown on me. I refuse to have woman-shaped dolls in the house, but somehow, these are non-human enough that I don't mind them terribly.

Novi Stars are cosmic branded entertainment that combines other-worldly adventure with cutting edge toy features. Each doll has it's own relatable story lines and humorous character content.

Released in 2012, there are now 28 Novi Stars dolls to collect, and we were sent Anne Arctic, a Novi Stars doll whose legs are filled with Cosmic Snow - think snow globe, but in her legs.

Anne Arctic has a mission, just like each of the Novi Stars. Hers is apparently to teach Earth girls to 'play it really cool'. She has a whole story really - she doesn't get why anyone would want to heat anything up, loves snowboarding in fresh powder, and would like to learn how to have fun at the beach without melting.

Along with the doll and her outfit, you also get a bracelet, a pair of shoes, a hair brush and a glow in the dark doll stand.

Each doll comes with its own stand and they are not interchangeable.

An unusual but useful feature is that the dolls arms can be removed to make changing her clothes easier. There's also a design in the dolls eyes which is unique to Anne.

You're not supposed to get Anne's hair wet, or dry it with high heat as it will destroy the hair - I haven't tried that!

The blue and white doll is really beautiful, when you get past the weird alienness of it.  In fact the shimmery blue eyes and soft, faux fur hair are pretty spectacular.

She has articulated shoulders and a head, but unlike some of the other Novi Stars, can not move her hips or legs due to them being filled with glitter stars and fake snow, to resemble a snow globe. Her outfit is a shimmery light blue colour with faux fur trim and high up sleeves.

This doll has clear arms that transition into a icy blue, plastic polar bear ears instead of the normal pointed ones  and her face is white that transitions into blue on the forehead, highlighted by beautiful long glittery eyelashes. 

As I said, she really grew on me!

Anyone who takes issue with the thigh gap in dolls like Barbie and so on is less likely to be upset by these because as I said earlier, she's very definitely alien, down to the enlarged head and all. Also, if you want to get personal, her hips are massive and her boobs are small, even though she's as skinny as the Hollywood little green aliens. 

The Novi Dolls website is also a feature all of its own. There are games to play and you can design your Novi Stars doll too. It's very loud though, but is an additional feature for a fan.

The Good

  • The Novi Stars dolls are fun, and they're quite lovely, unique and just different.
  • I like the 'thoughtfulness' of removable arms to make the clothes changing easier, for sure.
  • The outfits for not just Anne, but the whole range are seriously cool!

The Bad

How do you say something bad about a toy, really? I don't think it's got many negatives. It seems robust enough, and we've not had any problems with it. Don't wet the hair - we haven't tried - nut they tell you not to.

The Verdict

Novi Star dolls are pretty funky. Initially I was unimpressed, then disinterested, but I've come out the other side and I quite like them. They provide an alternative to Princesses and are way better than Bratz, and are really quite fun and very different. If you have space for another doll in your collection, it's not a bad choice at all.

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