Lightsaber Chopsticks £16.93 @ The Hut

lightsaber-chopsticks This has to be the coolest parent present ever. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks are a gift that will keep on giving, no matter how you look at it. Down to £16.93 at The Hut, these are a fabulous present idea for either you or your partner.

Yes, I know that paying upwards of £15 for a pair of novelty chopsticks may not be the best use of our hard earned cash, but how can you not want a pair? There is something extremely funny about the merging of Yoda and Mr Miyagi. Yes?

Use the force to catch those flies with your chopsticks. Snort. These Chop Sabers are suitable for eating anytlighsaberstickshing that demands a chopstick, and you can use them to save the galaxy. Luke Skywalker wishes he was this cool.

The Luke Skywalker ones are about 9 inches long while the Yoda ones are more for kids at approximately 8 inches long. Although if you have lovely, delicate girl hands then the Yoda sticks will work perfectly for you. May the sushi be with you.

Thanks to hurdy at HUKD!

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  • anon
    Shameless attempt at raking in some affiliate pennies. shame on you, playpennies, shame on you
  • Tamsin O.
    Actually, I am a total Star Wars geek and a mother. Shame on you for assuming that chicks don't dig sci fi.

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