Lego Toy Story Woody And Buzz To The Rescue £6.24 @ Amazon

Lego Toy Story Woody And Buzz To The Rescue £6.24 @ Amazon

Lego Toy Story Buzz And Woody RescueI'm really excited about this deal as my son has had his eye on this Lego set for a while. He loves both Toy Story and Lego. Amazon has the Lego Toy Story Woody and Buzz to the Rescue on special offer, marked down from £14.99 to £6.84. Delivery is free with super saver.

Now, this was working perfectly well just before posting. The tricky thing with Amazon is that deals can disappear really quickly. It is worth flagging them up because if you can get your hands on an Amazon deal, you can save quite a bit of money. Especially when there's free delivery involved.

There's no product description, but then there's not really a lot you can say about it. The clue's in the name, the Lego aspect, and the picture on the box!

One reviewer gave it three stars, but the only criticism was that it was expensive. Otherwise they had hours of playing fun with the toy. So, at this price you've nothing to worry about.

The reviewer says that "Both my 5 year old boy and I think this toy is brilliant! It is easy to make, has an exciting pull-back feature (though it invariably shoots into furniture and breaks into pieces. But hey, the joy of Lego is putting it back together again). The Buzz and Woody characters are very cute, and the rocket has endless play opportunities."

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