My First Hello Kitty Kitchen £24.99 @ Toys R Us

10 September 2011

My First Hello Kitty Kitchen

My First Hello Kitty Kitchen is half  price at Toys R Us at the moment, selling for £24.99 instead of £49.99.

Despite the fact that so much pink in one spot makes my heart race a little faster – it seems having a little girl has done nothing for my apparent pink version of chromatophobia (the fear of colours) – this does look like a  pretty good deal. I’m always stunned at the price of play kitchens, so one for under £30 with delivery included doesn’t seem too bad.

Crititcisms of this set from purchasers include that it is a bit flimsy and not really suitable from the advertised 18 months old, although not everyone agrees with that.

The Hello Kitty First Kitchen features a cooker, sink, hob, plenty of storage, an over door which opens and closes and 15 play accessories, such as a pot and pan, cups for making tea, crockery and cutlery for three.  It also comes with a collection of stickers for decorating the play set.

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