Hello Kitty Clothing Bargains From £2.95 @ Lamaloli

Hello Kitty Clothing Bargains From £2.95 @ Lamaloli

hello kitty

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? No-one! Hello Kitty is awesome and that cute feline is EVERYWHERE. Over on clothing site Lamaloli they have a very impressive selection of Hello Kitty themed clothing. Items start from only £2.95.

If you like to dress your daughter in pink as well as Hello Kitty then you are going to love this site. There's heaps and it ALL cheap.

For under a fiver you can get these cool Hello Kitty clothing items: Hello Kitty Long Sleeved Top* for £3.95, Hello Kitty Baby Overall* just £4.95, Hello Kitty Grey T-Shirt* now £4.75.

These Hello Kitty Pyjamas are a great buy: Short Sleeved* now £6.95 and Long Sleeved* at just £7.65. How about Hello Kitty Jackets? This Hello Kitty Puffer Jacket* is now only £18.

I can't vouch for the quality of the clothes but a quick scout on google suggests the clothing is good value, so that's promising.

You will most certainly get a lot for your money over on Lamaloli. Delivery costs are steep at £5.95 but do an order with a friend and half the fee.


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